The Longest Caterpillar Line Ever & More Incredible Links

This caterpillar line just keeps going and going and going. [Youtube]

The biggest buffalo wing IN THE WORLD. [Foodbeast]

To celebrate 4/20, a woman gets high 100 different ways. [Digg]

A Tim Burton-themed bar is opening up in Los Angeles. [Timeout]

Rob Lowe is the new Colonel Sanders and, my god, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but: I totally would. [Foodiggity]

Another day, another new eyebrow trend. Today’s is barbed wire brows. [Allure]

29 wholesome animal memes. [Pleated-Jeans]

7 things you didn’t know about Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love.” [Rolling Stone]

3 different ways mammals give birth. Hm! [Laughing Squid]

Bill Nye answers science questions from Twitter. Oh so that’s how magnet work! Jk, I still don’t fully understand. [Geekologie]

This picture of the Earth from Saturn’s rings will make you feel super small. [Space]

Speaking of space, an astronaut answers all of your burning questions. Provided your burning questions entail showering, sex, and poop in space. [Gizmodo]

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