Brittany High Says Goodbye & More Incredible Links

Brittany High Says Goodbye & More Incredible Links

Hello my Incredible pals! It’s me, Brittany High.

This is it. My last day writing at Incredible Things.

For five and half years I’ve filled this internet space with over six thousand articles about cool products, funny videos, and dog knows what else. I honestly can’t remember. But I bet it was good. *Stares off into the distance*

Anyway, it’s been real! Hopefully see you around!

If you’d like to keep up with me, you can find me on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and hopefully, one day, the moon.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must bow out gracefully. And by gracefully, I mean crying in the shower because that is the only way I know how to handle difficult situations. Especially goodbyes.

Sayonara, you guys. 

•  •  •

Here’s how to make alcoholic Butterbeer. Because it’s Friday, dangit! [Laughing Squid]

And here’s how to make different cocktails from the movies. Because, again, it’s Friday… Dangit!!!! [Cool Material]

One couple asked the internet to Photoshop a shirtless guy from their engagement photo and the internet delivered in its own way. [Bored Panda]

A sweet dog wandered on stage during an orchestra performance and somehow the musicians kept on performing. Like, they did NOT abandon their instruments and get on the ground to play with him. Who are these people??? [Buzzfeed]

Check out these NEXT LEVEL ways to spoil your cat. [CCWW]

If life were a video game… (I would be dead like a v. long time ago.) [The Awesomer]

Marc Summers explains what Slime is made out of. Now we know. [Geekologie]

Ever wonder what Shakira’s “Wherever Whenever” would sound like as a metal song? Wow, that is weird but you’re in luck! This is a video of that. [Tastefully Offensive]

Now you can buy a $10,000 pizza bikini that’s made from real pizza. Well, provided you have $10,000. [TAXI]

Whoa, I’ve heard of a Kool-Aid mustache, a chocolate milk mustache, and a mustache mustache, but I never heard of an AVOCADO mustache. Now I’ve seen it all! [Reddit]

I take that back — I just saw that hairy leg leggings exist. I apologize for the confusion. Now I have seen it all. [Bustle]

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