App Makes Cat Selfies Easy!

App Makes Cat Selfies Easy!

Thank the internet gods, there’s now an app that helps enable cat selfies to occur. Cats taking selfies! Can you believe it? Sounds like an absolute delight and SPOILER: it is. Cat Snaps, an app available for iPhone and Android users, grabs your cat’s attention by a red dot that shoots around the screen. When the kitty’s paw makes contact, a selfie is born. It’s a miracle! Seems pretty foolproof. Because if there’s one thing we know about cats, it’s that they’re inherently evil. If there’s two things we know about cats, it’s that they’re inherently evil, and they want to catch that damn red dot. And if there’s three things we know about cats, it’s that they’ll always poop right next to the litter box because, back to rule number one: they’re inherently evil.






Download for iPhone HERE or Android HERE.

Via: Lost at E Minor

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  • trushing8

    Hi Brittany (article author)- Love the app and the selfies you included. Believe me, I understand the “cats are evil” humor. I’m guessing you love cats as much as I do. When I look at my kitty, I see only love and a family member. So here’s a shout out to “love kitty”, not evil kitty. 🙂

  • Yep, just joking! (:

  • trushing8

    Understood. And thanks for bringing this great app to my attention. I’m going to download it soon. And thanks for sharing the great kitty selfies. Peace.

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