A 1000 Pack Of Beer Exists & More Incredible Links

A 1000 Pack Of Beer Exists & More Incredible Links

Now you can buy a 1000 pack of beer. What a time to be alive! [Foodiggity]

Watch George R. R. Martin read a Marvel fan letter he wrote to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963. [Laughing Squid]

Here’s a lil blast from the past: baby Mark Zuckerberg talking about “The Facebook” back in 2014. [Youtube]

Ah yes, exactly what I look for in a designer — lazy, but efficient. [The Poke]

Soon McDonald’s will no longer sell Hi-C. All together now: NOOOO! [Refinery 29]

This dogs freaks out when he sees other dogs on the teevee. [Geekologie]

And I freak out when I see that Taco Bell is bringing back Naked Chicken. This time as nachos. [USA Today]

Softball is returning to the Olympics. Now you know! [ESPN]

Check out this house that was 3-D printed in just 24 hours. [IFLScience]

Speaking of 24… here are 24 wrong number texts. Yeah! Solid segue, me. [Pleated-Jeans]

Wow. Sledding down a volcano. Now I’ve seen it all! [Digg]

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