This Footage Of An Underwater Earthquake Is Kinda Crazy!

Here’s a video from diver Jan Paul Rodriguez showing a magnitude 5.7 earthquake from underwater. That’s right — an underwater earthquake. Before today I’ve never thought about what an earthquake is like underwater. Usually when I think about earthquakes my mind goes blank with fear. Then I resolve to stop using the supplies from my earthquake kit on a daily basis. The hand crank radio and a few cans of beans is basically all that’s left at this point. How did I manage to use up several yards of gauze? A Halloween costume, actually. When THE BIG ONE comes and I’m in desperate need of gauze, I’m gonna look back on that mummy costume and say “Damn, that was awesome. I should have won that contest.” But I’m also gonna wish that I had replenished the earthquake kit because damn, some gauze would really come in handy rn. BRB, I’m bleeding out in this hypothetical situation!

Via: Geekologie

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