Prancercise: The Best Exercise Evar

Exercise fads come and go, but Prancercise is forever. What is Prancercise? Only the most the most magical and graceful exercise to ever exist ever in the history of magical and graceful exercises. The fitness routine was invented by Joanna Rohrback back in 1989. This is a video Joanna demonstrating the 4 modes, but SPOILER: basically she’s just frolicking around like a horse for five minutes. Five glorious minutes that I want to relive again and again. And again. I just got this baby on repeat!

Via: New York Magazine

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  • Jess Lee

    made even better with the ever so popular camel toe!

  • DVS

    I like doing this around my neighborhood wearing my ill-fitting Spiderman zentai bodysuit.

  • somedude

    Camel toe

  • Nice camel-toe!!!

  • gamergeekchick

    Holy camel-toe batman!

  • Carlos Lopez

    Her camel toe is like a bloody road accident, you know you don’t like it, and you will have nightmares, but you can’t stop looking at it!

  • blindnow

    She’s cameltoe-ing the hell out of those pants.

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