How To Turn Water Into Ice Instantly

How To Turn Water Into Ice Instantly

Do you believe in magic? Miracles? Life after love? Well prepare to believe! Except for that last one because IT DOESN’T EXIST. This is a video by Grant Thompson of The King Of Random. In it, he shows how to create ice instantly. Not only is the whole concept super impressive, but it’s also super confusing. My brain hurts! Here’s some smarty-pants explanation per io9:

This is an example of supercooling – the process by which a very pure liquid is chilled to a temperature just below its usual freezing point without actually making the jump to its solid state. Bottled water is perfect for this, especially the kind that’s been purified via reverse osmosis, a process that strips water of all its particulates. This particulates can act as “seed crystals,” or “nuclei,” to which a liquid phase on the cusp of becoming solid can attach, and crystalize around. In this video, a seed crystal is introduced in the form of a cube of already-frozen water. As soon as it’s introduced, the liquid phase rapidly crystallizes and attaches to the solid one, kicking off a chain reaction of ice-formation.

So! There you have it: magic. NOT Ice-nine as I originally suspected. Now that the mystery has been solved, if you’ll excuse me, I need to lie down before my mind melts.


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  • sai

    mind blowing i love you ill try this i summer

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  • jhhh

    i just try this and it worked!

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