Man Spots His Wife In Photo From Childhood

Man Spots His Wife In Photo From Childhood

Hold on to your butts, here’s a story that begins with “Florida man…” that doesn’t end in complete sadness aka meth and a mugshot. Let this day go down in history. Florida man Jason Roth met and began dating his current wife, Jessica, while they were college students. The two had grown up 235 miles away from one another. But at some point during their courtship, Jason’s aunt recognized Jessica as a former preschool student she once taught… a preschool that Jason had attended as well albeit briefly. Ooh, the plot thickens! Soon Jason came across a photo from that same preschool’s Halloween parade that featured two very familiar faces — Jason and Jessica, 20ish years prior. The two even used the photo as a wedding announcement. Well, YEAH, you kinda have to! The stereotypical “engagement-ring-resting-on-a-tree-stump in the foreground/gazing-into-each-other’s-eyes just out of focus in the background” is just not gonna cut it here. It’s just not!



Via: 22 Words

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