The ONLY Hotel Room In Cinderella's Castle

The ONLY Hotel Room In Cinderella's Castle

This is the Cinderella Castle Suite, the one and only hotel room inside The Magic Kingdom. It was originally intended for Walt Disney himself, but the magical accommodations were only recently completed in 2005. A very select few people have had the privileged to stay there, like Kevin Jonas, one of the Jonas Brothers, and his wife. The suite is perhaps the most exclusive hotel room in the whole damn world considering no amount of money can reserve you a spot there. So yeah, that’s about as exclusive as anything can get. For all the money in the world they wouldn’t let you stay there. No one can have it. Unless you’re a Jonas Brother. Which… you’re probably not. But if you are? OMG OMG OMG can I get your autograph? Uh, it’s for my little sister. But go ahead and make it out to me and I’ll make sure she gets it.








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