Stay at the Cake Hotel for the Sweetest Dreams

Stay at the Cake Hotel for the Sweetest Dreams

The world’s first “cake hotel” opened up in Soho, Central London and it’s a sweet dream come true. Guests will be welcomed to rooms filled delicious decor like vanilla sponge cushions, a meringue rug, window sills made of fudge, and a bathtub filled with caramel popcorn. Of course the next morning will probably play out much like every November 1st ever, as they wake up from a terrifying sugar-high induced nightmare with a massive belly ache. Totally worth it though! The hotel contains 8 tasting rooms with different themes like Pirates of the Caribbean, Mardi Gras, and more.





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  • Tana

    This was a one day only marketing stunt. One couple won a night at the Cake Hotel…and then it was over.

  • wow! diabetic dreams~ fun.

  • Wow this looks amazing!

    Shame it was a one off….

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