Only NASA Could Design a Camping Trailer This Cool

Only NASA Could Design a Camping Trailer This Cool

Sick of summers spent loading up that monstrosity of a camper, emptying your bank account to fill it with gas, just to spend a few cramped and uncomfortable days out in the woods? Don’t throw in the towel and plan a staycation just yet—not until you’ve checked out Cricket. Designed by NASA “space architect” Garrett Finney, the Cricket camper offers the same space saving efficiency and convenience previously only available to astronauts. Thanks to a light-weight design, you don’t need a gas guzzler to pull around this futuristic (yet somehow retro) looking camper. Each Cricket is custom made which translates to a custom price, ranging from $10k-$17k, so you don’t have to pay for everything but the kitchen sink unless you want to. (Actually, you can get the sink too.)



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  • I would be very hesitant to put that much money toward a camper like that. Do you have any more specs or pictures to help those of us who don’t see the value to gain a better perspective?

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