You Vs. Cat iPad Game

You Vs. Cat iPad Game

I feed them, clean their litter box, give them massages yet they treat me like I’m an annoyance. And NOW they want to play games on my iPad. No, not my junky roommates (I hate all of you and I’m gonna burn our building to the ground!). I’m talking about my cats. You Vs. Cat is an iPad game introduced by Friskies cat food. It’s currently being demoed at SXSW and — boy is this embarrassing — the cats are winning, guys. Big time! Like, two to one. I guess, really, it’s just par for the course. Lord knows my cats are the overlords and I am just their human slave. But that doesn’t take away the sting. This is almost worse than that time my gramma smoked me on Words With Friends by playing “PENIS” on a triple word score. Forever scarred.

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