Woman Creates LEGO Résumé To Land Advertising Job

Woman Creates LEGO Résumé To Land Advertising Job

Redditor Pastlightspeed aka Real Human Leah created a LEGO set of herself in a business suit to hand out along with her corresponding résumé. She wants to go into advertising and wanted to stand out among the competition. Mission accomplished! Clearly Leah’s looking to build a career. LEGO JOKE! But seriously, this lady is a shoo in. I’d hire her myself, but what the hell do I have to offer? No pay, zero benefits. There’s only, I dunno, the rest of this HotPocket? No, on second thought, I’m gonna pass. Sorry sister, but someone will scoop you up. Someone who deserves you! Someone who would be willing to give up half of a HotPocket for you.






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Via: Laughing Squid

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