The Totem Pen Is 50% Pen, 50% Top, 100% Cool

This is the Totem Pen. It’s a pen and a top combined! The work & play thing is meant to spice up work meetings, but I’m a little concerned. My imagination is running wild. Just think of the possibilities! Your boss, screaming: “IF ONE OF YOU DOESN’T COME UP WITH A SOLUTION TO THE BERGER-SMITH CASE BY THE TIME THIS THING STOPS SPINNING, YOU’RE ALL FIRED!” Everyone else, in a panic: “Fufufufuuuuuu, this isn’t fun anymore!” The Totem Pen is currently in its Kickstarter phase so go donate to get your very own. Why? Because everyone needs a totem. In Inception, Leo’s is a top and mine happens to be a vibrator. Am I dreaming, is this real life? I don’t know… but it feels good. totem-pen-top


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