Spock-topus, Mister Spock As An Octopus

Spock-topus, Mister Spock As An Octopus

What do you get when you marry Star Trek’s Mister Spock and everyone’s favorite cephalopod? The Spock-topus! The 9″ Vulcan/sea creature plushes are created by Catharina of Etsy shop SewMuch2Luv. Want your very own Spock-topus? Too bad! Jk jk, the shop takes custom orders. But you gotta ask real nice. None of that kicking and screaming “GIMME GIMME” kinda business that I’m prone to do. That’ll only get you physically removed by security and banned from the candy store.


Via: geekcrafts.com

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  • Anthony

    This is hilarious! Live long and Probosper!

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