See How Barbie's Face Has Changed Over The Years...

See How Barbie's Face Has Changed Over The Years...

Tumblr-er tenaflyviper put together this graphic of Barbie’s face over the last 56 years. It is… really something. Highlights include: the OG 1959 Barbie throwing some serious shade, 1968 using the wrong foundation for her skin tone (ROOKIE MISTAKE!), 1979 for obvious reasons that I can’t explain, 1992 because Troll earrings, and 2013 when she discovers hair chalk. But the absolute best is 1989, who looks like she is peering into the depths of my soul. Well, the joke’s on you Babs! I sold that thing a long time ago. Never looked back, either. Mostly because I ended up trading in my eyeballs a few days later in exchange for a bag of Skittles. Totally worth it. (It contained, like, 75% reds.)







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  • Fate Jacket X

    She went and got herself a black mom (or dad) in 1996 ;P

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