Nightmare Inducing Zombie Teddy Bears

Nightmare Inducing Zombie Teddy Bears

Undead Teds is a line of zombified Teddy Bears made by Phillip Blackman. They are terrifying. And ooky! All that blood and, wait — WTF? Teddy Bears have teeth? I mean, a digestive tract, sure, that makes complete sense. But I did NOT know those guys had molars and stuff! With a Teddy Bear like this you’d have to sleep with one eye open. Me? I already sleep with both eyes open and all the lights on because I gotta keep tabs on my vast baby doll collection. Those girls get all kinds of crazy murderous at night!ย One time an American Girl Doll tried to stab me with a nail file. It was soooo cute. But I also had to go to the hopsital.

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  • OMG who is the target audience of these teddy bears? it is definitely not the kids.

  • Freaked the shit out of me!

  • Jennifer


  • QuirkyMissKiwi

    Well Phillip Blackman has issues!

  • Dan

    Love it lol

  • Weedschopf

    wow i like em ๐Ÿ˜€ definitely no present for my little niece but id love to get one ;)) eyecatcher on every cosy bed ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Heather Slimebucket Foote

    I want these so bad how do i get thwem how much

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