Mattel Announces That Barbie Has Three New Body Types

Mattel Announces That Barbie Has Three New Body Types

Today toy manufacturer Mattel announced that Barbie will now come in three new body types. In addition to the typical unattainable plastic bod we know and love know, they’ll be selling petite, tall, and plus-sized versions online. Interesting! Of course, because this is Barbie we’re talking about, and people so enjoy getting all bent out of shape about ol’ Babs, folks aren’t particularly thrilled about it. To which I say, get a grip! You’re getting up in arms about a toy doll. Do you know there’s real important stuff you can be mad about? Like, tons. Nothing’s really coming to mind at the moment. Except maybe that there’s no shark emoji, for example. Yeah, see? Actual important stuff to be pissed about, you guys. Mega ticked about that rn gonna go scream into a pillow for awhile.



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  • Sir Cumfrence

    Glad to see this, although I have long thought that the Barbie-body image thing is overstated. I had GI Joes as a boy, and they did not make want to grow up to have a scar on my face and no penis. Totally agree with Brittany here: worry about real issues facing kids these days if you care about them, and just let them play with their toys!

    Btw never noticed there is no shark emoji! What if I feel sharky?

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