LEGO Minifigs Are All Grown Up In Wood

LEGO Minifigs Are All Grown Up In Wood

So maybe you are a little too old to play with, or even display LEGO designs. But you still have love for the bricks. What to do, what to do? Please don’t have a child just as an excuse to build again. Check out this wooden minifig by French designer Malet Thibaut. Avail­able in a lim­ited edi­tion of 20, each fig­ure was care­fully made by hand and is shipped in nat­ural wood and card­board packaging. You can admire it now and then pass it onto your possible offspring should you choose to reproduce for better reasons.



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  • Devilstine

    I sort of wished they never stopped making the bricks in wood. I understand why but I wish they’d still make a line of wood and just see how it goes I’d buy them.

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