Build A Dollhouse With An Epic Game Room

Build A Dollhouse With An Epic Game Room

Another day another reason you should really just suck it up and get a dollhouse already. I know, I know, they’re childish and girly and once you build one you’re going to attract Borrowers and be stuck with tiny mouths to feed. But just look at these little tiny miniature versions of video games and toys! Imagine the tiny little game room your dollhouse could have! The Mini World series by Sebastián Vargas features itty bitty versions of Playstations, cell phones, Gameboys, and other fun stuff. I’m not sure how Vargas makes this stuff but I assume it involves sorcery—the details are just too good for it to be polymer clay.

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  • Crowther Amanda-Beth

    My Barbie and ber sisters will have mansion one day perhaps even a castle. I have Barbie,Skipper,Stacie,Chelse,Kelly and Krissy. Their is nothing weird about making stuff for dolls.

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