We Must Put An End To Runaway Socks

We Must Put An End To Runaway Socks

I’m probably not the best person to be talking about socks boasting a new high-tech system that ensures pairs remain together at all times. I can frequently be found wearing two different socks. Hey, as long as they coordinate, it’s cool, right? For $189, Switzerland-based Blacksocks will send you 10 sets of these “Smarter Socks,” complete with radio-frequency ID buttons attached to each cuff. To locate a sock’s partner, simply hold the included wireless reader, dubbed the “Sock Sorter,” over the first sock’s RFID button. Then, wave the device over a mound of clean laundry laced with solitary socks. When a match is found, you’ll hear a beep. Eh, I’ll stick my method.


Via: www.ecouterre.com

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