Want To Pay For Sex? There's An App For That

Want To Pay For Sex? There's An App For That

Dating is tough. You have to meet women, invite them to dinner, spend the evening trying to be as charming as possible, and hope that, against all odds, they’ll invite you in to their apartment for “coffee” at the end of the evening. Most of the time, you never see them again, and you’re out the cost of a nice meal as well as an evening of your time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get past all the hassle of dating and get straight to the part where you funnel most of your money into your significant other, and they have sex with you? No, no, no, I’m not talking about prostitution, I’m talking about a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship. Sugar Sugar helps you find that special someone who will trade affection for cash, and the best part is they’re launching an iPhone app on June 1st! Dating’s about to get MUCH easier.

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Via: jezebel.com

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  • daren

    cant register?? any help??

  • Damo

    in castleknock if anyone is interested??

  • Bigboy

    Near crawley if anyone wants a nice wod and a big cock for a couple hours

  • grade lots


  • wetvanilla

    Im In Austin tx trina me money so hit Me up

  • Param

    Only for girls nd women if they looking for sex (fun) call on this

  • laura shaw

    In west lothian scotland if anyone interested?

  • mark barry

    I want no strings sex are u interested 0858209639

  • sam

    yes im but u need to pay 100

  • Eman Man


  • Bad boy

    Is any lady around springs I can pay

  • rahul

    I am near uptown station normal city any female interested to have sex?

  • lulu

    I want to be paid for sex in hull area can accommodate, I am free fri

  • Devon

    Looking for sex in Minneapolis Minnesota f area willing to pay hmu 5737241172 women only

  • maggi


  • Dillan

    Im manuakau auckland looking for sex

  • malbert

    any women near ashland wi want to have sex i will pay

  • LongShlong007

    Anyone in Texas? Big cock and knows how to use it.

  • Granger

    How much?

  • malbert


  • Isssac

    Pasadena Texas 50 dollars sex?

  • jess

    in new jersey !!
    looking for guys

  • BABU

    any lady interested to sex with me ?

  • BABU


  • Jacie

    In Tyler Tx if anyone wants to pay for sex. Looking for a male .

  • Jacie

    What part of tx?

  • Aaron


  • Hunnypie

    Sex at its best female 21yrs young milk comment if interested my prices subject to what you desire

  • alexzi315

    Yes I am in n.j looking for sex

  • kim

    Who in Miami willing to pay for sex

  • Paige

    Lafayette women looking for anybody who wants to pay for sex

  • Ashley

    Who’s near 19151

  • Karmen Lea


  • april rose

    can i join ?

  • april rose

    im interested ..

  • april rose


  • april rose

    yes im interested ..

  • Ayur Rastogi

    in moradabad there is a girl for couple of hours

  • Tayab M Sadiq

    M in

  • cupcakes916

    Anybody in Sacramento that wants to pay for the best sex ever

  • cupcakes916

    Hello anybody

  • Patrick

    I’m looking for sex in Jonesboro Arkansas

  • Patrick

    Any woman in Jonesboro ar

  • David


  • oreo2007

    In Dallas if anyone is on here 27/f

  • Eddie

    im in memphis tennessee if any woman want to have sex

  • mattalber

    still willing? I’m in ashland and will pay 50 bucks

  • Nicole

    Hey there…looking for some cash i can offer some good sex coloured lady x2

  • kimmie

    hi I am what are willing to pay

  • Raymond

    Looking for a lady can pay o

  • trol


  • gina

    Whrs crawly

  • gina

    Wheres crawly

  • big ????????????

    Where you stay

  • big ????????????


  • lisa

    In Tecumseh ok. Looking to have sex with someone who pays. Will do anything

  • lisa

    In Tecumseh

  • Daniel Fisher

    U still interstef

  • Ray

    In Sheffield nice fresh young cock

  • Babe

    Anyone in Georgia

  • Angel2091985

    I’m in Surrey if anyone would like me to pleasure them ?

  • Huzaifa


  • Angel2091985

    Where are u?

  • Jonathan

    Hey where u located

  • Jonathan

    Where u located

  • Jonathan

    Hey whats up

  • Jonathan

    Hey where u from

  • Claudia Beauchamp


  • Lou1221

    Call or text me only women 07557952822

  • Troy

    I want sex anyone in Liverpool

  • semajthelover

    anyone in fresno california that wanna have sex

  • vicky

    im close to liverpool

  • vicky

    im a 27 yr old female who lives in the uk by liverpool message if you want to pay for a good time

  • Nicole

    Any men in west Virginia or close by willing to pay ?

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