The Cloak of Invisibility Is Really Real

The Cloak of Invisibility Is Really Real

They say the best place to hide something is in plain sight… of course it helps A LOT if you have the ability to turn invisible. The magical high-tech Quantum Stealth material seen—or rather not seen—here makes anyone wearing it completely invisible without the use of cameras or mirrors. How it works exactly is a mystery, but apparently it uses light bending technology. The project is so top secret that for security reasons these photos are only mock-ups. However Hyperstealth, the company that makes it, insists that it really works. Sounds legit, right? Let me run another product by you that I invented. It’s a spandex suit that lets you fly without a plane or wings or anything. It’s top secret so I can only show you a mock-up of what it looks like here, but I assure you that it absolutely works.

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