Incredible power strip that is a Powercube!

Incredible power strip that is a Powercube!

Have you ever seen a product and said, “what a great idea!  Why didn’t I think of that?”

Well, the Powercube is not one of those products.  I would never have the imagination and creativity to come up with such a useful and attractive product.  I recently brought home two of Allocacoc’s power products and I am so happy about these incredible products (in a way that people shouldn’t be happy about power products, but I was ecstatic so stop judging me).

I put the Powercube by the computer to accommodate all of the plugs for the peripherals, like my phone, power charger, and headphones.  One plug turns into four plugs.  Genius!  They also come with a choice of USB and internet inputs.   It is compact, effectiveness, and provides quite the modern look.  My “hip” quotient instantly shot up 10 points the minutes I opened the package.

I also installed an Extended Powercube, which gave me an extra five feet to work with.  I am using it in an outlet that was in an awkward position behind an EZ Chair.  Now I have four outlets where I previously had none.

Who has two thumbs and is loving his new power options?  This guy!!



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