LOLWUT: Vagina Trackpad Decal

LOLWUT: Vagina Trackpad Decal

NSFW because vaginas.

Because a trackpad can’t just be a trackpad anymore, we’ve gotta make it look like lady parts, this is DoubleClit Here. It’s a decal for your trackpad that makes it look like you’re diddling a virginia (I’m 12) as you surf the web. Why? I think the real question is why not? As in, “Why not forget this ever happened and go to lunch? Your treat!” Brooklyn-based designer Eliza Dunaway created DoubleClit Here (please don’t make me type that again) which comes in two different styles: Vanessa and Kiki. Not into Vanessa or Kiki? I imagine the feeling is mutual. But don’t worry, more coochie-styles are coming soon! Personally I’m holding out for an Olga or Gertrude. Jk jk, I’m not holding out for anything but a penis version for my joystick. What? People still use joysticks! There’s no way I’m the only one.



Via: Jezebel

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  • JA

    And they chose an ugly pussy for their first one…?

  • kiwishamoo

    always knew apple users were cunts

  • qwert

    I didn’t know that anyone who owns an mac will buy this.

  • Brian

    can we get a full-keyboard version for this? Always what i imagined anyway…

  • Luc

    They mean “vulva”, yes? The vagina is the bit on the inside. The vulva has the labia, clitoris, mons pubis, etc.
    Do you even anatomy?

  • Max Johnson

    You sound like you need some pussy!

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