Keep Your Headphone Cord Tidy With Mummy Wrap

Keep Your Headphone Cord Tidy With Mummy Wrap

Don’t you hate it when your headphone cord gets all tangled up? Well this little fella can relate to tangle troubles. The Mummy Wrap Headphone Cord Organizer by Bone Collection helps you keep your cable from getting tangled, while simultaneously dressing up your mummy friend in an extra layer. Available in white, gray, black, pink, and orange, each Mummy Wrap organizer is made from environmentally friendly silicone. Which is waaaay better than my mummy Halloween costume from last year made from environmentally friendly toilet paper. It rained and my costume dissolved. I panicked, drank piña coladas all night and told everyone I was the girl from that crappy Rupert Holmes song. And I hate piña coladas.




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