iPhone Gorilla Cam

Oh, the zoo. Whenever I go it’s like all the animals are napping. Pretty underwhelming. Although I did see a giraffe take a piss once. Man, those things are powerful. Like a fire hose! This is an inexpensive, quick and clever invention by┬áMark Rober that makes the zoo experience far more… experienceful. All you need is a mirror and a camera phone. Just drill a hole in the mirror for the camera to see out and attach your phone to the back. Instead of having to look at dumpy tourist types┬áhoping to get a picture by tapping on the glass like a bunch of @$$holes, the animals are happy to get up close and personal to catch a glimpse of themselves. All while giving you an intimate, unique video. Watch to see the incredible footage of the gorillas where each member of the fam gets a close-up. It’s the kinda shit that makes you unabashedly squeal “AWWWWWWWWWWWW!” and then immediately look around the office hoping none of your co-workers heard.

Check it out

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