It's The Future: Horizontal Toaster

It's The Future: Horizontal Toaster

This is the Arzum Firrin, a toaster that looks like a MRI scanner for bread. But it’s not. This device toasts bread horizontally. Because why? I think the real question here is why not? Actually, no — the question is definitely why. What’s wrong with the regular vertical type toster? Other than how easy it is to get my bagel stuck down in there and it starts burning so I have to grab a knife to try and pry it out and I don’t really remember exactly what happens next except that I’m on the floor and in a lot of pain and half of my kitchen’s on fire. Yeah, so other than that small detail… what’s the hell’s wrong with a vertical toaster?

horizontal-toaster-2 horizontal-toaster-3.jpeg


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  • Brittany

    Actually that is vertically toasting bread… I don’t see why you think it looks so insane and are calling it horizontally toasting bread. Look at the pictures…

  • Crowther Amanda-Beth

    Horositonal toaster ks awesome no stupid crumbs stuck in toaster no more bagel ,poptart or taster struddel foghts. Or if bread gets folded it gets stuck. It seems like awsome product

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