Get A Tiny 3D Version Of Yourself

Get A Tiny 3D Version Of Yourself

If you were lucky enough to get an Xbox One over the holidays then not only do you have the capability to yell at your Xbox and tell it what to do, you can get a custom 3D printed figure of yourself. All of you have to do is pose for a few minutes in front of your Kinect and send the scan and $59 to Shapify.Me. I know, I know, after being able to shout “Xbox Watch TV” and “Xbox Fast Forward” without even having to touch a remote, standing for a minute sounds like a lot of work… but TRUST ME, you’ll want to get your figure BEFORE your new lazy lifestyle takes its toll on your physique.






Via: Cool Material

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  • depruim

    so can this be bought or 3dprinted. who is selling it?

  • Depruim is an idiot

    Dude, did you read the article? holy shit.

  • Jack Burch

    Dude, READ the article!!!

  • jonas

    who is selling??? hahaha LOL

  • Jid

    I am $3500 for you only

  • LarryBundyJr


  • Eva Costa

    Doppelganger Labs in Dayton, Ohio was one of the first to bring this technology to North America….but their detail is much more realistic. You can see every vein in the hands. I’m getting my daughter in there in her cosplay so she can go to the next con with her very own doppelganger. Altho, I worry that she’ll start using it as her stand in at family functions with a prerecorded message…Yes, No, Ug, Whatever, You’re Lame Mom!

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