Flip-Flop Case For Your iPhone

Flip-Flop Case For Your iPhone

This is a plastic case that fits on your iPhone. It makes your phone into a damn flip-flop. Who the hell’s foot can fit in this thing anyway? Is it meant for a baby? Babies shouldn’t have technology, it makes them heartless! I saw a baby using an iPhone the other day. Playing like, Draw Something or whatever, just scribbling all over the place like he had zero motor skills. I swear, when I was staring it down, mumbling to myself “What does a dumb baby even need a phone for anyway?” the baby looked me straight in the eye and said “Ga ga goo goo get a job you fat loser.” See? Really rude. My feelings were hurt. In fact, they still are. I’m sensitive!


Via: www.badderhomesandgardens.com

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