Be Light On Your Feet With Neon Converse

Be Light On Your Feet With Neon Converse

Are you one of the many people who’re jealous of kids because they don’t have to work or pay bills shoe manufacturers only make light-up sneakers in children’s sizes? I feel you, I want Wheelies in a bad way. Fortunately for you, David D. of ElectricApparel has got you covered with these Neon Converse All Stars. They look LUH-JIT. I can only pray that David will do Wheelies next. I can just see it now: there I am stumbling along and think to myself, “F*** this walking business, I can ROLL!” then I’ll kick those tiny little wheels into action and all of a sudden I’ll be cruising like I got no care in the world and wheels in my shoes. “Living the dream,” as I like to call it.

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