An App That Predicts Your Farts. Sure, Why Not?

An App That Predicts Your Farts. Sure, Why Not?

Fart Code is a free iPhone app that predicts the probability of future flatulence. Just scan a food’s bar code and the app will not only list toot-inducing ingredients, it also ranks the intensity and smell, plus delivers a replica of the farty sound your booty will emit after eating said food. I tested out the app because JOURNALISM and I’m 12. The anal acoustics are on pointe, but (BUTT!) beyond that, I dunno, it could use some work. First off, they need to broaden their database — when I scanned a can of baked beans, it claimed to have no butt thundering ingredients whatsoever. Umm, those little suckers are one of the most ass ripping-est things you can ingest! That is like, what they’re known for. People make songs about it. I mean, c’mon now. Y’all are supposed to be poot-experts.


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