A Phone That Only Makes Phone Calls

A Phone That Only Makes Phone Calls

Sick of your smartphone? Tired of being super connected? This is the world’s most elementary, user-friendly cell phone, and it offers just what you need. No email. No camera. No texting. Not even a contract is necessary, just a phone that can be used anywhere in the world. Compatible with any type of SIM card, John’s Phone lack of energy-consuming bells and whistles makes it an energy-efficient device. It boasts 6 hours of talk time and an unheard of 3 weeks of standby time. The phone comes with earphones for hands-free calling and safe driving.  This thing is so lo-tech, that it features a pen and a notebook under the back flap—for good old fashioned note taking.

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  • Sam JOhnson

    erm, yeah thats actually rubbish. If im tired of being connected, i’ll go and live in a cave

  • Sasha

    Actually this really is incredible. My mom is blind and I have not been able to find a mobile she could use until I saw this one.

  • Diego

    This is great but… is the contact list also part of the super connected world? I would’ve left that feature.

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