Yoko Ono's Fugly Fashion Line For Men

Yoko Ono's Fugly Fashion Line For Men

In “WTF Fashion?!” news of the day, this is a men’s clothing line designed by Yoko Ono and sold over at Opening Ceremony. Each piece of the collection is absurd. She’s got some wacky stuff like dress pants with a hand printed on the crotch, some boots with an incense burner on the damn toe, a hot pink mesh shoulderless shirt, and a pair of trousers that’s got a circular window looking into your ass-region. And that’s just the beginning. There are other styles in the collection that are far worse. Which is saying a lot because, well, do you remember THE PANTS WITH A WINDOW LOOKING INTO YOUR ASS-REGION? Me too. I wish I didn’t, but I do. On a completely unrelated note, did anyone just start to look forward to the impending apocalypse or is that just me?

Via: gawker.com

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