Yo Ho! Some Pirate Tights For Me

Yo Ho! Some Pirate Tights For Me

Etsy shop TejaJamilla sells these Pirate Tights. I definitely need these in my wARRRRRdrobe! Each is hand printed with pirate ships, treasure chests, seashells, an octopi, narwhal, squid, and all sorts of other pirate-y stuff. The tights come in a few different options like, black on cream, black on white, pearl on lavender,  and gold on brown. Oooh, gold — like treasure! Or should I say… booty. But if we’re talking about my booty, then it would be pasty white. It’s so pale in fact, it’s nearly transparent. It’s never seen the light of day!


Via: www.whokilledbambi.co.uk

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