Uhhh, A Church Shaped Like A Shoe, You Know, For Women

Welp, there’s a church shaped like a shoe in Taiwan. It was built to attract female worshippers to attend. Because we womens love shoes SO MUCH!!!!1 Hey, I love shoes and all (believe it or not, I’m wearing some now! I’m obsessed!), mainly because stepping on a nail or some other kind of nonsense sounds like a terrible time. But you know what’s gonna inspire me to go to church? Fear and guilt. Booze and a badass cheese plate. Plus service has to start at a decent hour. I’m talking, like, after 1 or 2 PM. Oh, and some hunks in attendance would be pretty chill. What? Do you want me to go or not?!

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  • Carl the Cracker

    I have to wonder … is it now a bad political statement to quote a Nursery Rhyme?
    There was an old lady that lived in a shoe ….. LOL …Whats next a purse or lipstick?

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