Tights That Look Like Your Legs Are Melting

Tights That Look Like Your Legs Are Melting

These are Melting Tights by URB Clothing. They make it look like your legs are melting. Or that you’re leaking some paint from your drawls. Either way, lose-lose. Jk jk, they’re really cool. NO, wait. They’re hot. So hot, in fact, they’re melting. If you want a pair of your own, you can get them over at the URB website for about $50, plus shipping. I know what you’re thinking and I agree — $50 for a pair of tights is pretty pricey. Are they at least run-proof? Like, are they resistant to snagging and tearing? Also, as in, will they prevent me from ever having to move faster than a leisurely stroll? Because that would be a definite plus.


Via: www.gizmodiva.com

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