This Ring Says Back Off, I’m Married

This Ring Says Back Off, I’m Married

Your wedding ring is supposed to be a symbol of commitment, but it’s awfully easy to slip off and put in your pocket. Sure, you might have that telling tan line, but that could easily be explained away as a recent divorce. If you or your spouse need a ring that leaves a more of an impression on would-be paramours then check out the anti-cheating ring. The inside of the ring is embossed so it leaves a mark on your ring finger that says “I’m Married.” The ring is made of strengthened titanium and comes with a lifetime guarantee, because you know, ‘til death (or divorce) do you part.



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  • Princessalex

    Who wears their ring so tight that it will leave an impression like that?

  • A sad situation if this is what is needed to stop people cheating. Human nature is a curious thing. There are far better ways to live !!

  • Mike

    I would agree. Plus I have seen a ring which guys would enjoy wearing such as the kinekt gear ring

  • dre

    this is incredibly overpriced. titanium is not that expensive. maybe you could spend your money on marriage counselling instead. or just leave the sneaky bastard. (or tramp for that matter)

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