These High Heels Are Impossible To Walk In

These High Heels Are Impossible To Walk In

Here are some seriously scary high heels with… high toes? The shoes were conceptualized by artist Leanie van der Vyver and made by shoe designer René van den Berg. They’ve been dubbed Scary Beautiful, which I’ll admit is half-right. The other half is completely subjective. And by “subjective” I obviously mean “wrong.” As a person who’s never been very successful walking in heels, these things are absolutely terrifying. Not only would I roll an ankle, I’d probably crack my f***ing skull open to boot. Ohhhh snap — footwear joke, count it!

Watch the video to see the model attempt to walk in them. SPOILER: Hilarity ensues.


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  • stargazer424

    Wow those shoes are the world’s ugliest shoes thought cool I will never where them I will crack my head open

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