The "Yay Cleavage!" T-Shirt

The "Yay Cleavage!" T-Shirt

Because anyone can appreciate a nice set of taytays (it’s what unifies us as a human race!), the “Yay Cleavage!” T-Shirt puts your rack on display. The titacular top is being sold over at RAYGUN for just $20. It’s missing the V in the text but the deep V-neck of the shirt makes up for it. Oh yes, I see what you did there! Plus, I mean, does it really matter if there’s typos or whatever? I’m willing to bet no one really cares so long as, you know… BOOBS. Amirite? Imrite.



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  • Michael Wayne

    Dang it!!! Raygun was my hidden gem site for shirts few have seen… now the secret is out! Suns Out Buns Out.

  • Onyx Blackman

    Angel Burk is looking hot as hell pregnant! I really wish she would have done porn longer. Good to see her doing a little modeling.

  • Mari

    This shirt never lets me down

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