Star Trek Uniforms For Fido

Star Trek Uniforms For Fido

Is your dog a Trekkie? (I totally understand. Mine’s a Whovian.) This is a pattern for Star Trek’s Captain Kirk Uniform for dogs. So you’re gonna need some sewing skills. And if you don’t have em, well, your dog’s gonna be pretty disappointed in you. And isn’t that the worst feeling? Your pooch looking up at you with those big, brown puppy dog eyes, begging for a Dalek Star Trek costume, but you can’t make it happen. All because you never learned how to sew. If only he could understand that the day they taught sewing in Home Ec you skipped class to smoke weed in the ground keeper’s shed behind the gym. Or was it to hot box the short bus with the lunch lady? Look, I can’t remember the exact details. Point is I missed the lesson. So how bout I staple this Hershey Kiss wrapper to your chest and we call it a day?


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