Slightly Wrong Quotes Bring Ironic T-shirts To a New Level

Slightly Wrong Quotes Bring Ironic T-shirts To a New Level

If you’re one of those people that has your favorite movie memorized you might cringe at these t-shirts because all of the quotes are just… slightly wrong. This site, aptly named Slightly Wrong Quotes features t-shirt designs with quotes that are close, but not quite right. There’s MC Hammer’s famous “Can’t Touch Him,” the overused Joker line “I AM SO SERIOUS,” and many many more. Most of the t-shirt designs are actually for sale so you can drive your OCD friends nuts with them while the rest of us have a good laugh.





Via: Slightly Wrong Quotes

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  • Ashlee Lalor

    i feel they made these by accident and so they wouldn’t lose money decided to sell them any way

  • freeeek

    I get a “Made in China” vibe

  • Ryan

    Pretty sure that they are messed up on purpose. I’d love to buy a bunch just so everyone can get mad.

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