Have you seen my cool new light?

Have you seen my cool new light?

“Have you seen my cool new light?”

That is not something that I expected to say after I replaced my bedroom lamp.  I had the same lamp for years.  It was a simple bendy-neck lamp that never earned a second glance.  It did its job, but not much more.

My new Heng Balance Lamp from Allocacoc is not that that type of lamp. Rather, it is the type of lamp that compels you to invite people to your apartment just to see it.  Here is the list of people that I invited:  Mom, Dad, older Sister, girlfriend, old friend from 1st grade, boss, co-worker, neighbor next store, stranger next door, and the landlord.  Now they all have lamp envy.

This is the type of lamp that makes you want to update everything else that you own.  It is elegant but not too fancy, high-tech looking but not complicated, and expensive-looking but actually very reasonable.

You see, the two balls are magnets and they meet in the middle.  When they do, the bottom one pulls the “on” string.  When the magnets are no longer pulling, the light is off.  When they meet in the middle, they are on.  It is a simple and quite cool concept that adds class and style to your desk or living room.

Checkout the specs at the Allocacoc site and order one for each room now.  You won’t regret it.  Trust me.

Enjoy the beauty and “power” of magnets with the Heng Balance Lamp.


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