Ridiculous Knit Hats For Your Dog

Ridiculous Knit Hats For Your Dog

My dogs have been hounding me for a hat collection ever since they saw these cats wearing stylish fedoras and fancy berets. I dunno if these knit caps by Etsy seller Sweethoots are exactly what the dogs had in mind, but I’m sure it’ll teach them a lesson about begging. They’re well-made, yes. But also — how do I say this? Hilariously dorky. They even have the option of a human version of each hat so the two of you can be all matchy-matchy for when you really want to humiliate your pooch. Don’t think a dog can feel embarrassment? Just check out these pics of Ole Bug Eyes over here. His eyes are screaming “Help meeeee!”


Via: www.badderhomesandgardens.com

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  • Amy

    These are very funny, but they are crocheted rather than knit. Probably not something everyone would notice, but those who do both would.

  • Kana

    haha! Luv it!

  • blooop

    but they are crocheted

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