The Sun brings us this series of regular dudes posing like the muscley male models in underwear ads. It’s a take off of those “real women” type campaigns by female driven companies. I don’t know what makes a person carrying around a few extra pounds more real than a person who is naturally stick-thin — those skinny minnies have thoughts and feelings, plus sleep, shit, and sleep just like the rest of us, don’t they? But what do I know? Lunch is in about 15 minutes and I’m going to Taco Bell. That’s about all I’ve got going on in this noggin!





Via: Pleated-Jeans


  1. Anastasia Frangos Sherman

    Who has a good personality and can make me laugh? Now that is my guy.

  2. AnastasiaSoon2BCarter

    LOVE IT! They are all hot! *crush* on the bald one 🙂

  3. AnastasiaSoon2BCarter

    They are all hot….*crushin’* on the bald one 🙂

  4. megan kathleen mcisaac

    i think what they mean by ‘real’ men and women is that they arent photoshopped and manipulated to fit a look. that and real as in ‘average’ as skinny minnies & muscle men are not considered the average body type. anyway, i do like these pictures and i would MUCH rather see bodies of all shapes, sizes, and ages in ads than the same thing over and over and over and over and over again.

  5. Hope Childress Neudert

    I like the regular Joes!! 😀

  6. KGSN

    Regular Joes – no contest!

  7. Jessica Atchison

    Regular Joes! I’d take the bald dude with the beard in a hot second!

  8. omnom

    I’ll take Mr. Glasses, please and thanks. <3

  9. Shnasy

    I love the real men in underwear. I’d like to see a real women ad! No fakes, no touchups, REAL.

  10. Stephanie Cayot

    This reminds of Men In Tights…

  11. Christina Staab

    the bald guy in the calvin klein ad. om nom nom

  12. KathleenCat

    Glasses guy and bald guy win 1000 internets.

  13. WKYA_Radio

    thats what they all say before they go for the guy who would rather spit in your face.