Ooh, You Bad! Naughty Christmas Sweaters

Ooh, You Bad! Naughty Christmas Sweaters

Oh no! I guess we’ve got differing viewpoints about ugly Christmas sweaters here at Incredible Things, cause not only do I enjoy crashing the parties every December, but my entire wardrobe consists of em! I’m not trying to make you jealous of my vast collection, but I got Chanukah ones too. Look, my sweater ways are not limited to one religion so just back off, alright?! Don’t make me get crazy. It already tis the season and I don’t need anyone pushing me over the edge. For those of us who accept that we’ll be receiving coal no matter what we do, Skedouche has a line of naughty sweaters. This is one of them and I’ll be honest with you, I did NOT know Rudolph was such a kinky mofo. But hey, you never know what people reindeers are like behind closed doors. And Mrs. Clause? That lady’s just downright nasty! I seen what she did under the mistletoe that night.


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