Vogue Paris Has Fashion Models Posing In A Box Like Barbie

Vogue Paris Has Fashion Models Posing In A Box Like Barbie

This is a collection of photos shot by photographer Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris. The images feature fashion models posing in a box and surrounded by clothes and accessories just like a Barbie doll. You know, if a Barbie doll ever had a David Bowie ‘do, a disco ball, and several pairs of silver roller skates. I see you, Saint Laurent! I can’t afford anything you sell, but I see you.
































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Via: Laughing Squid

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  • Jon Smith

    I thought no real women looked like Barbie, isn’t she an unrealistic standard for women to live up too? Looks like these models did it fine and probably are making a good living at it too… Granted I’m no George Clooney or Brad Pit but you don’t hear men complaining that Ken dolls are unrealistic…

  • thelittlespoon

    Barbie doesn’t have a realistic figure. Barbie is about 38-18-34 in human inches. An eighteen inch waist? Doesn’t sound realistic to me. These women, while beautiful, aren’t your standard woman.. and that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

  • looks a lot better than another woman walking down a stage dressed like she lost a bet……

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