Mexican Pointy Boots are the New Sports Car

Mexican Pointy Boots are the New Sports Car

The latest craze in Mexican fashion might have you wondering if Santa started hiring migrant workers to fill his workshop, because they look like overgrown elf shoes. The trend for pointy boots and skinny jeans seemed reasonable enough until local dance groups started over compensating with their footwear. Some dancers compensate more than others, with boots that curl up to their waists, making it hard to focus on the dance moves because you’re waiting for someone to trip and impale themselves on their boots. The crazy pointy boot trend is tied closely to the Tribal Guarachero music scene, which has spread to Texas, Tennesee and Oklahoma. That’s right, men in the Southwest won’t only be wearing taller hats and bigger belt buckles to extenuate their masculinity, but big pointy boots as well. What’s next, ascots that hang down to your knees?

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  • christian

    that’s the stupiest thing that i saw in my life and i am mexican what a shame of my people u_u

  • J

    I’m all for this absolutely stupid fad and hope all mexicans wear them. Why? They won’t be able to sneak across the border with those thing on!!! lol

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