Jabba The Clutch With Slave Leia Coin Purse

Jabba The Clutch With Slave Leia Coin Purse

This is a cute and clever creation by Etsy artist Cat Penfold. It’s a Slave Leia coin purse that’s chained to a Jabba the Hutt handbag. Both pieces are upcycled and hand-painted by Cat herself. Cool! I’m really digging this combo. Also really digging this bag of Combos I’m nomming on right now, know what I’m sayin’? I’m sayin’ I love these things! But only cracker — NEVER the pretzel ones. Because, for real, f*** pretezels. I’d rather eat cardboard! Well, I’d rather eat a lot of things, but if it’s between pretzels and cardboard, I’m definitely going with the cardboard.

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Via: www.neatorama.com

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