Herbatint Hair Color

Herbatint Hair Color

A color for every occasion!

Why color your hair?

Why not?!

There are all sorts of reasons to get your hair dyed or colored and it really isn’t much of a fuss to do it. Let’s look at why and how you should dye your hair – you’ll soon find that there are very few reasons not to!

A special occasion

Are you going to an important football or cricket match where your team could make history? Have you thought of dying your hair the color of your team in celebration?

Those special occasions are numerous. Perhaps a loved one is coming home from time in the military and you want celebrate by having your hair the color of their regiment or the Aussie flag?

How about a hen night when your BFF is about to be married off to the man or woman of their dreams? You could go for a hot pink hairdo as part of the ultimate girly night out!

Instead of why, why not?

Dying your hair is something that everyone should do once. It really isn’t a case of why but why not!

Life can be a bit humdrum can’t it? Same s*** different day! Kids complaining, work stressful, and routines follow routines, follow routines… Why not spice it up a bit by dying your hair a bright red – or blue – or even orange? A little color can brighten up everyone’s day, and certainly make things feel a little different even when they would otherwise be the same.

Younger or older?

Do you want to look older and more serious? Get rid of those natural blond locks and make them a darker color so people treat you differently. Dying your hair isn’t always about hiding grays or that mottled blond look that comes from too much time indoors doing as you’re told. Yes, dying your hair a platinum blond to make yourself look and feel younger is very much what most people do as they reach a certain age. But…

Are you in your 20’s and wonder what it would be like to have an all silver mane? There’s a dye for that too!

Isn’t it a bother?

You don’t need to spend $$$ getting your hair dyed professionally. There are lots of good hair dyes available on the market today that do a very good job and with just 30 minutes work you can look as if you have just come out of the salon. Herbatint Hair Color is a classic example where you can dye your hair almost any color – for any occasion or reason – in just a few moments.

There are hair dyes available that wash out and others that may be there for a few weeks. It is just a case of finding the one that suits you. It is very easy to do and with the right care the tint or color you use should last for as long – or as little – as you need!


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